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    What is your in-game username? Skotic

    Explain to us: What is the glitch or bug you are reporting? Zombie spawners are only spawning the default 1-2 mobs. I have 700 zombie and a stack of 3 zombies will spawn every like 40 seconds. Also hoppers arent moving items right. Also you should cap the amount of spawners stacked to 64x.

    Is there any way you know of to clone, or recreate this bug or glitch? by removing stackable spawners.

    Do you have any picture proof or video evidence to go with your bug or glitch? I dont feel like taking a recording of this but its a big deal and many players are complaining.

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  2. xd_Azures

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    This is less of an issue than what you believe. The spawners are slower so they spawn more mobs at each sitting. If they aren't spawning a good amount of mobs tell the owner in pm's on discord.
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  4. Andrew Leblanc

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    Try breaking them and replacing them.

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