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Discussion in 'Staff Reports' started by _Vadex_, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Ign _Vadex_ Ex-Admin of BreachPvP

    Reporting Staff Member discord name yxz and ingame name

    Reason Brining IRL situations as a personal attack on players.

    As an Ex-Admin of BreachPvP I was well known for handling situations involving personal life as a serious matter. There is absolutely no reason to ever bring someones personal life into any situation. I've stood up for several staff/players that had been attacked in this kind of way.

    This staff member along with staff member Weyo/Appeal_Denied dont seem to think that this rule applies to them. This is very unprofessional behavior and should be taken very seriously. I recently recieved a ban from discord for the same reason.

    As we know the server hasnt been open and these 2 staff members have been attacking players and acting like they are untouchable and better than everyone else. These staff members have been telling players to quit the server and leave the discord because of frustration that players have with the current owner. I personally recall a particular staff member Bjben being demoted for a similar kind behavior.

    If staff arent going to be treated like the previous staff because of friendships and favoritism then I see an end in breach comming quickly.

    I hope this matter is handled professionally and correctly as it would be disappointing to see it get brushed under the rug. I have screenshots to back up this report go ahead and message me via discord as I dont want to display them publicly. Discord name _Vadex_#9759


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