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    Staff member reporting Weyo_/Wajoo/ Weyo_#3628 helper rank

    I am stepping forward to report the staff member mentioned above for excessive toxic behavior, excessive use of helper perms, abusive use of helper perms, and starting/causing large amounts of drama within the game and discord and other staff members.

    I will break down each of these claims.

    Excessive toxic behavior, Weyo on countless occasions has been excessively toxic towards members of the community both staff and players. Towards the players weyo has told players to "shut the fuck up", "your stupid", "I will get you banned".

    On several occasions weyo as publicly said in chat that curtan members of the staff team will get banned/demoted because he "has a good friendship with Feest/Luuk/Owner" because of things that he claims to have proof on of which he never provides any proof or not enough proof to back up his claims. I dont think there is a member of the staff team that weyo hasn't claimed abuse about while being a helper.

    Excessive use of helper perms. Weyo on many occasions as over used his helper perms for situations that didnt call for it. Instead of doing what higher and more professional staff members do which is "alright guys it's time to stop" "guys let's knock it off" weyo will skip this step and go straight to Capitol punishment for the smallest issues. I will provide proof with what I have and I have more on my computer that I will upload later. Weyo doesnt believe that verbal warnings are necessary. He plays around with players and as soon as something is said about him he will warn/kick/mute.

    Abusive use of helper perms. Weyo has had several occasions of abusive use of perms. Some of which I have proof of and will provide. There are occasional times when weyo will make up a rule that isnt in the rules to warn/kick/mute players. Some examples I can recall are "pushing the limit with the rules" this rule was made up by weyo to get the members that dont break rules for example spam, spam is considered spam by 4-6 messages in a row stated in the rules. Weyo will warn/kick/mute members for doing 3 messages in a row for "pushing the rules to the limit" this is a very immature staff move as its basically in his own way allowing him to do whatever he pleases.

    There was a situation which I have proof of that I will post later where weyo went into the warzone where pvp is enabled to fight with players (koth). Weyo then tells members if anyone attacks him he will warn/kick as he claimed to be "stuck in a block" which on other players view it was sneak hacks (running while crouched) when players approached him he would them kill them without warning as a way to boost his kills and to steal gear from other players.

    Starting/causing drama ingame discord and withing the staff team. Weyo is #1 for this type of behavior. Weyo on countless occasions has started drama with players to get them worked up and then will warn/kick/mute. This is almost an everyday occurrence with weyo. Whether it's a way to boost his warn/kick/mute count or not it's not only abusive but very childish and immature and unprofessional as a staff member.

    Weyo on countless occasions will favor over his faction members/friends when it come to punishment. For example if I were to say something racist I would be muted. If one of his members said something racist they would be verbally warned or he would act afk and do nothing.

    Weyo has also started drama within the staff team mostly as a way to get people demoted. Weyo has made claims against TheGenerous for abusing and insiding his faction which was proven not the case. Weyo has made claims against ImPuppy for abusing and insiding his faction. Weyo has on countless occasions said in open/public chat that they will be "Demoted because he is friends with Feest/Luuk" this type of behavior is extremely unprofessional especially to be posing in public chat claiming it will happen and "just watch".

    In conclusion this staff member is not fit to be staff and shouldn't have perms to be in control of players. This must power needs to be in the hands of someone more responsible, professional, and less toxic.

    I will provide all proof that I have to backup this report and will edit post when I have done so.
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    I always verbal warn anyone . i can prove you it call a case i warned anyone and my verbal warnings will back me up . I never acused thegenerous of insiding i accused the one who hacked my account ( Normmal ) which came on to dry walls For YOU but then saw my owner claims where unclaimed due a mistake of puppy . Second going in someones base and replacing his sell signs for yours / tp alts to spawn / replacing igs with water is called abuse i have 4 screens which proof he did it . And that saying about my factions is the most lying thing ever the most warned / muted / kicked people on this server by me where my faction members PROOF: / And I even reported my own faction members if i found them supicious ( Vanquishapples ) And i never said puppy would get demoted because im friends with feest i said i reported him to feest thats all . stop lying about everything / you always cut evidence / lie about stuff you did it to multiple staff members ( Bjben ) for example and i only warn people for seeking the limits if they start spamming 5 times and say hehe you cant punish me read rules . AND WHEN EVER I MAKE A JOKE ( I WILL GET YOU BANNED ) you always screenshot it and report me for it . ITS A JOKE GET IT . And this will be the tirth time you False report me for stuff i didnt do and i proved you twice already wrong . Stop false evidence and stop being toxic in game )
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