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    What is your in-game username?
    What is/are the in-game usernames of the player(s) you're reporting?
    What rule(s) did the player(s) break?
    Below, please link the required evidence.
    No need look at f top 130k igs in 1 night bit off don’t you think
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    I was already /f top with a 55 - 57 billion net worth, I had iron golems stored in my /pvs and I also have an iron golem farm that I receive money from. I have nothing to hide and I only afk my farms, I don't bother anyone lol. I think that in a situation like this the administrator is supposed to check my /pv and /enderchest and /sethomes, plus my logs? So, go ahead and feel free to do so :).

    +It's funny that demolution duplicated to get to their previous #1 position, but when they get passed by a legit player they cry and call me out for duping? Extremely hypocritical, biased and hilarious!

    Again, nothing to hide, legit player - Me - Warning passed "Demolution" faction of duplicators, they are crying and weyo_ told his faction members to gang report me (which seems like rule breaking maybe? Duplicate reports or bullying etc?), cheers. - With this being said I have nothing else to say to these players and I respect their right to report me.
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    We are looking into this as much as we can, thank you

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