Denied Varsityz false ban

Discussion in 'Closed Appeals' started by Varsityz, Dec 20, 2018.

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  1. Varsityz

    Varsityz Member

    What is your (in-game, forums, Discord) name? Varsityz ingame

    What is the (in-game, forums, Discord) name of the staff member(s) who issued the punishment(s)? 4thReichLeader

    Do you agree you did something wrong in this situation? Not at all

    For how long are you banned? 99 days

    Why do you feel like this punishment was unjust, or why do you feel like it should be removed? I was banned for "glitching" which is really a joke. I've had 2 staff now check my logs and have seen that those apparent logs of me admitting to "glitching" into Notrious's base were fake. The reason the 11 year old xOmgItsS7Edge posted those logs were because our faction was trash talking him and he found out. We called him a freeloader and other stuff etc. He threatened to get us banned with fake logs (which he did) so we invited him back for a bit cause we realised the staff would probably believe it looking at their past activities. I think this was unjustified because I was banned by an admin because an 11 year old sent LOGS as proof. Logs are the easiest thing in the world to fake, as I showed kiusta and magicdue earlier before I was banned. I think I should be unbanned and S7Edge should be punished for faking his ban "proof".
  2. Thicness

    Thicness Well-Known Member

  3. Varsityz

    Varsityz Member

    And to backup my stuff, staff can check logs ingame and prove that i havent epearled anywhere near notorious
  4. Slipest

    Slipest Well-Known Member

    You can be unbanned if you 1. Find out who that glitched into their base if it wasn't you and 2. What glitch they used and you report it to staff.
  5. Varsityz

    Varsityz Member

    Thats what you guys dont get. I dont know anything? I barely have perms in our faction to the main base nor do I get info
  6. Rehurt

    Rehurt Well-Known Member

    I’m not here for the ban part just how funny it is when you call him a freeloader but you are one.
  7. Varsityz

    Varsityz Member

    We're like a 6 man active fac, kinda hard to freeload without getting kicked
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