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Discussion in 'Closed Staff Reports' started by kOverdose, Jun 25, 2019.

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  1. kOverdose

    kOverdose New Member

    So yesterday my first day on the server, I was pvping and I got frozen for autoclicker. I was like what I am not hacking. Then I hopped into discord and got ss'ed. When I got ss'ed I was shown this.

    That shows that I clearly deleted the ss app called Paladin and I was in the call with staff member as well and I was talking to him and he just says wanna explain this? Im like yeah it says I deleted paladin what you sent me.
    He was then like I don't care im banning you no matter what. So I msged Yngi and she told em to join lounge 1 so I can talk to her. Vadex then joins the call and kicks me from the discord. Here is some proof.

    I was just trying to talk to yngi then i join back after she gives me a new invite and he bans me from the discord. Finally I talked to TheGenerous and he got me unbanned and explained to Vadex that I have done nothing wrong and finally he issued that I had an attitude even though I did not. Here is some more screenshots.

    He has been very unprofessional and many people would like him to be demoted and he has not stopped. Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering it.
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  2. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    I'm giving myself a strike for this situation as I agree I could have handled it better my apologies I'll try to over see better and know understand my program a little better. This will be Accepted and closed
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