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Discussion in 'Closed Bug Reports' started by RawrMunchers, Oct 22, 2018.

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  1. RawrMunchers

    RawrMunchers New Member

    Let me preface with this; I don't know if it was thought of, or not, or if it was meant to remain this way, but:

    What is your in-game username? RawrMunchers

    Explain to us: What is the glitch or bug you are reporting? Using the /sell all command with a trench pickaxe in your inventory, will sell the pickaxe. It will not sell any other equipment or tools/weapons, but it'll sell a trench pickaxe.

    Is there any way you know of to clone, or recreate this bug or glitch? spawn a trench pickaxe and use /sell all.

    Do you have any picture proof or video evidence to go with your bug or glitch? A little hard to obtain proof without purchasing another trench pickaxe with real money, and wasting it.
  2. feestjezus

    feestjezus Owner Staff Member Owner


    This is how the shop plugin works.
    It sells the pickaxe since it's sellable in the /shop as well.
    The trenching pickaxe is just a diamond pickaxe for the shop and that's why it's sold.
    Besides, if you're going to execute a command that says /"sell all" then I would watch out what in my inventory is.

    As of now, this is known but not a real bug, it's just something that you have to watch out for.

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