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    Hello and welcome to the helper guide! Here you will find out everything you could possibly need to know about the application process, and tips you could need on applying!

    On BreachPvP we have quite a few requirements. If you are interested in becoming a staff member, they are as follows:

    • You have to be the age of 14 or older. Exceptions can be made to this if you have shown that you have a high maturity level, an amazing understanding of the game and your duty as a staff member.
    • You must be able to work with other staff members. This means that you will have to put any disagreements between you and other staff members aside.
    • You must be a nice and non-toxic person in order to be staff. This means that you can't be saying "OMG you're trash kys" in chat whenever you die or get mad at another player.
    • (Bonus) Have past server moderation experience can greatly help out your application as it shows us that you can be trusted and have the skills to be a staff member.
    How the staff team works:

    The staff team is made up of 5 ranks, Helper, Jr. Mod, Mod, Sr.Mod, and Admin. Each of these roles have different ways of contributing to the staff team.

    The Helpers role on the staff team is to moderate the chat. Even though helpers don't have ban perms they are able to screen share and kick hackers.

    Jr. Mod:
    The Jr.Mods role on the staff team is to catch hackers and moderate the chat, it is like a beginner Mod role. Jr. Mods have access to ban.

    The Mods role on the staff team is to mainly catch hackers and moderate the chat. Mods have access to vanish, freeze, and TP to people.

    Sr. Mod
    The Sr. Mods role on the staff team is to help moderate and also Sr. Mods can accept/deny applications. Sr. Mods have a few more perms than a mod.

    Tips for your application:
    Here you can find a list of tips that will help out your application.

    Bolding/Color Coding your application:
    Bolding/Color Coding the questions on your application can make it look way nicer and it's easier for staff members to read your application.

    For the main questions on the application (these are the main ones that ask about you), you should have around 4-7 sentence answers for each one. If you are uncertain about how much detail to put on each question, then looking at accepted applications are recommended.

    Making a schedule:
    For the question that asks when you are most active, making a timetable can help out your application and make it look neater and more professional. An example of a schedule can be found in the picture attached to this thread.

    Other information:
    Make sure to use the official BreachPvP staff application format found here. Please do not copy other peoples applications and if you copy another's application yours will be denied.

    There you go! This is all you should ever need on applying for staff and getting yourself on the staff team! If you believe that I have left out any details/tips then be free to contact me or another staff member on discord!
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