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Discussion in 'Staff Reports' started by RyanlLel, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. RyanlLel

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    I was on Breach 2/28/19 and at around 3:10 PM Pacific standard time, I was running around the spawn warzone to collect the crate chests that spawned. After I opened my first, I found another and when I tried to open it I couldn't. I tried to notify staff member xd_Azures since he was on. I simply said "Staff?" in chat to see if he was online and not afk. He then responded with a question mark So I continued to tell him what was going on. He then responded with "Fox take care of him xD" I took this kind of weird since I asked him and he was the only staff on. I proceeded to tell him the story to maybe clarify "No the chests at spawn,like the envoys" He at first tried helping me saying "Try opening it a different way" Which personally didn't sound like he put much effort into helping me. After that I tried to break it,punch it,right click it, crouch right click it, crouch punch click it, ect. I notified him that "Nope that doesn't work" and he responded with "Well idk what to say xD" After that I felt kind of disrespected. I tried one last time saying "Come tp and look please" I tried to do /tpahere but I didn't have access to that command. He then said " :/ " which I thought was weird but shortly after he responded with " I'm Busy :/ " I realized he was putting 0 effort to helping me so I said pretty much that he wasn't very helpful and i'll just go on about my day. Im not trying to cause any drama with this, I'm just letting you guys know how this staff member handles his job. Thank you. I have screenshots of the chat if you would like too see for yourself. If you would please add me on discord @RyanlLel#1150 and I will send them immediately.
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    the chest "envoys" at spawn sometimes glitch, there is no way for us staff members to help you, we can really only say "try opening it a different way".
  3. RyanlLel

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    Would of found it helpful if he told me that instead of saying "Im busy"

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