Accepted Staff-Manager Puppy Report *Made by theoria / weyo / Callum*

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    What is your in-game usernames?
    Mistersociety / Theoria
    What is/are the in-game usernames of the player(s) you're reporting?
    U0D / exagic
    What rule(s) did the Staff Member break?
    -excessive Toxic behav

    Below, please link the required evidence.
    Video Of him hacking / Abusing to kill Callum ( Made by callum )
    Video of him /Tp AND ka ( Made by callum )
    Video of him hacking / To kill Theoria ( Made by Theoria )

    Alts of him Proof That U0d Is his alt

    Him unbanning One of his alts When banned for Breaking the rules :

    Story From Demolution Reporting him twice for abuse ( 1st Time unclaiming the Owner claims ( Not admitting when demolution got insided ) 2nd time Abuse placing in our base ( Removing sell signs / Igs / tp alts to spawn )
    Proof provided in the Screens

    Theoria Reported him for being Toxic / Homophobic against Callum

    The logs i provided in there where from yesterday of Puppy being homophobic against Callum and calling him a cunt because he lost A pvp duel against him / Theres so much more proof against him look at the ban list / Provided 2 of the many Screens i have from there

    Ill make this report into a players report aswell ( So staff without a forum rank can check it )

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