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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Motgoos, Feb 8, 2019.

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  1. Motgoos

    Motgoos New Member

    my username Motgoos
    discord motgoos#4930
    my first name is tom
    europa the netherlands

    i am the most active on the 3 first days of the week and in the weekend

    if skyblock is getting on then i been the most active on skyblock and somtims on fac i love fac

    i havend been baned

    verry fun and i like helping out players with thare problems

    that you can do /wild in the wild and not only at spawn and the time to go to spawn make like 4 seconds

    no mistake jet

    i am still staf on 2 other servers 1 i am oped on but that is verry smal server and the other 1 i am mod on and that server is bigger than the other

    biqous i like helping out peaple and players and i am good with peaple

    the greatest strengths are that i now alot of commands and i am good with peaple

    my greatest weaknes that i cant write englishh as wel but i can speak it verry good and i can fix it with talking more english

    i am verry active on discord

    no i have nothing to add
  2. Supidly

    Supidly Retired Staff Member Retired

    This is worth a jaw drop.
  3. Zenofain

    Zenofain Helper Staff Member Helper

    What is this staff application?
  4. FoxPlayz101

    FoxPlayz101 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You have been DENIED

    You have been DENIED due to this being a troll application, please reapply in 2 weeks time, thanks!

    Your Favorite Fox,
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