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  1. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    In-Game Username:ItsLewis_
    DiscordTag (ex. Name#1234):Essentialz |Lewiswoodvale
    First Name (Optional):Lewis
    Current Age:17
    Timezone / Country:GMT/Northern Ireland

    When are you most active? How many hours can you provide to Breach in a week?

    I am active Usually around morning time (10am) and i play until around 12pm at night.
    Monday - 10am - 12am
    Tuesday - 10am - 12am
    Wednesday - 12pm - 12am
    Thursday - 10am - 12am
    Friday - 10am - 12 am
    Saturday 11am - 12am
    Sunday 10am - 12am

    Which server(s) are you most active on? What is it about that particular gamemode that keeps you interested?

    The server's I would be most active on would be factions yellow/skyblock green as i feel these game-modes entertain me the most. The thing that keeps me interested the most would definitely be factions yellow as I really love the aspect of teaming up with players, PvP'ing, Raiding and having fun together as a faction as I love to meet new people.

    Have you ever been banned on BreachPvP? If so, why should this not affect your chances?

    I have never been banned on BreachPvP, i feel although this should not affect my chances as I am a very dedicated player and give all my time to BreachPvP if i where to be banned on BreachPvP I would learn from my mistakes and make sure that it doesn't happen again.

    How do you feel that you'd make a contribution to Breach with the position you're applying for?

    I feel although I would be a great help in the community as I have good knowledge on factions as that is really the only game mode that I play I could definitely help members with raiding, cannoning and over all making there stay at BreachPvP a lot better. I could definitely help with removing the toxicness from the chat and spotting hackers as i'm always pvp'ing to try and make the server a better place for everyone. If i spot a hacker i will ask them to join the discord and i will SS them to see if they have any clients on there computer or see if they have an autoclicker i will go through their search history to see if they have been watching videos on hacked clients or autoclicker's before i ask to SS i will ask them if they want to admit to anything before i find something and the ban will be lowered for their honesty.

    What issues do you see with Breach that you feel could be fixed?

    I feel the lag on BreachPvP is quite irritating when player's are trying to do thing's such as PvP and do daily day - day things on BreachPvP I feel although if this where to be fixed the experience at Breach would be would be a lot better in my opinion. I also see that people can be very toxic in the chat i feel that i could deal with that by warning the player if it's to much and hope that they wont continue to do it.

    Name a mistake you made during your time here on Breach? How did you fix that mistake? What did you
    learn from it?

    Once when I was playing Breach (Faction's Yellow) I was being a little bit toxic, however I analysed the situation and realized that I was the one in the wrong and apologized to the player and I learnt from my mistake. In the future this will never happen again and I can move on from it and put it in the past.

    Tell us your previous server moderation experience, with proof if applicable. If you lack previous experience, why should this not greatly affect your chances as a potential staff member?

    I currently have no experience with staff on any other servers, However I feel although I am good at using command's and understand how they work I also understand how to use world- edit and plug-in's I feel this should not affect my chances as everyone has to start somewhere. I also learn quite quickly and adapt to situations that occur.

    Why should we chose you over any other applicant?

    I think i should be chose over other applicant's because I am a very helpful person and I am always active on the server I feel that my skill's and qualities could be put to great use to help out the community. I also have great knowledge on factions so i therefor could help people and make the community a better place for everyone. I also help people out in-game if anyone ever need's something i'm the man for the job, I'm also very active in chat and engage in coversation's and see how people's day's are going.

    Tell us your greatest strengths? How would these help you during your time staffing, if accepted?

    I am very good at communicating and meeting new people
    I have great respect for the server and player's
    I work well in a team (Faction's)
    I am always willing to help

    I am always wanting to improve as a person and player
    I am always wanting to engage in conversation with fellow player's
    I work well in a team
    I'm good at problem solving and getting to the bottom of thing's
    I'm very dedicated and can do anything when i put my mind to it
    I'm always wanting to learn new thing's
    I'm good at being disciplined and will learn from my mistake and move on
    I'm good at being punctual and available when someone need's me

    What about your greatest weaknesses? How do you get past them?

    I feel although i'm to soft with people however I am working on this to ensure that i can be a good staff member and not be to soft on people and work toward's making BreachPvP a better server for everyone to play on.

    Are you active on our Discord server?

    I am always active on discord 24/7 when i am not on discord on my computer I have the app on my phone in case anyone tries to contact me at any point and time. I use the discord everyday without fail to speak to my friend's that i play with day in day out.

    Is there anything else you'd like to add?

    I feel although this is a very cool server and I have invested a lot of time, effort and money into Breach and I hope to be accepted, Thank's for reading my application

    - ItsLewis_
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  2. Callum

    Callum New Member

    Could add more detail throughout the application, but overall its quite well presented and you are very active on the server
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  3. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Thanks man I will add more detail Thanks for the response
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  4. HotDog

    HotDog New Member

    As he said, much more detail generally throughout the app. Also just being picky change some things like, Capitalizing all of the I's.
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  5. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Sounds good man, I’ll add more detail and change the I’s thank you for the response
  6. xd_Azures

    xd_Azures Well-Known Member

    Looks like a good application to me, you seem cool, Good luck. +1
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  7. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Thanks a lot man for the response and kind words thanks for wishing me luck I’ll need it
  8. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Made some change's to the staff application let me know what you think and thing's that i could change, many thank's :)
  9. xd_Azures

    xd_Azures Well-Known Member

    Fix some capitalization errors.
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  10. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    Sr. Mod. Vadex
    This is a really good app. Very active and dedicated player. Very active in PvP. Is very active in voice calls. I think this would be a good addition to the team. +1
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  11. xd_Azures

    xd_Azures Well-Known Member

    lolololol can you not get staff to change your name to Sr.Mod??? XD
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  12. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Ok man i'll work on that, thank you
  13. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Thank you very much bro wish me luck :)
  14. Blake

    Blake Member

    I think its good and I wish you luck on the app id love to see you on the team +1
  15. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Thank you very much man, thank's for wishing me luck i'll need it :)
  16. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    You staff application has been Accepted

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