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    What is your (in-game, forums, Discord) name?

    What is the (in-game, forums, Discord) name of the staff member(s) who issued the punishment(s)?

    Do you agree you did something wrong in this situation?

    For how long are you banned?

    Why do you feel like this punishment was unjust, or why do you feel like it should be removed?

    Please note:
    • Please be as professional and up-front as possible while creating punishment appeals.
      • This goes with any other staff-affiliated section of the applicable platform(s).
    • Being up-front with us in punishment appeals is to your benefit.
      • Admit something if you have to admit it. If you are not comfortable with publicly posting an admitted reply, shoot me a PM and I will take care of your appeal one-on-one.
    • Lying will result in the appeal with an instant denial + the punishment won't get reduced/removed.
    • If the punishment occurred on Discord, please include the staff's full Discord tag. (Name#1234)
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