Denied My Application for Staff Redo

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by xPqge, Jul 20, 2019.

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  1. xPqge

    xPqge New Member

    North America

    When are you most active?I am most active in the morning and afternoon. How many hours can you provide to Breach in a week? I can provide 21 hours a Week

    Which server(s) are you most active on?I am most active on the server and OP Prison servers. What is it about that particular gamemode that keeps you interested?I like playing factions and OP Prisons.

    Have you ever been banned on BreachPvP?I have not been banned. If so, why should this not affect your chances?

    How do you feel that you'd make a contribution to Breach with the position you're applying for?I feel like I can help out the server and help out people if they have problems with the server.

    What issues do you see with Breach that you feel could be fixed? I feel like I can make a /wild command with someone.

    Name a mistake you made during your time here on Breach?My Mistake was that I was being rude to people and i got kicked and i didn’t know that I was being rude. How did you fix that mistake?I fixed it by saying sorry to the people that I was being rude to. What did you

    learn from it?I Learned that you should never be mean to people or staff

    Tell us your previous server moderation experience, with proof if applicable.Last time I was a staff member I helped the server grow up to 600 players playing at once. If you lack previous experience, why should this not greatly affect your chances as a potential staff member?It shouldn’t affect my application because I feel like I can help out the server grow.

    Why should we choose you,over any other applicant?You should choose me because I can help out and help out staff and build too.

    Tell us your greatest strengths?My greatest strength is building and helping out people How would these help you during your time staffing, if accepted? If I was staff on this server it would help me get very good at building and helping out people.

    What about your greatest weaknesses?My greatest weakness is pvp i suck at it How do you get past them?I will get past them by pvping people as staff and it will help me get better at pvp and the people I am pvp get better

    Are you active on our Discord server?No i am not active cause i dont have a mic yet but i am getting one in 3 months

    Is there anything else you'd like to add?Nope that is all
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  2. CwRekZ_

    CwRekZ_ Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Please space out the questions from the answers and add a ton more detail. 1-2 sentences will not cut it. We want to know all about you. I love the color, though. Also, be specific. Do you mean 21 hours a week? A month? Total? We have no idea unless you specify.
  3. xPqge

    xPqge New Member

    This is all about me
    some info is personal
  4. Thicness

    Thicness Well-Known Member

    1 word to describe this

  5. xd_Azures

    xd_Azures Well-Known Member

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  6. CwRekZ_

    CwRekZ_ Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Please re-read and take some of my suggestions
  7. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Senior Moderator Staff Member Retired Sr. Moderator

    Staff age requirement is 14 and staff app is lacking a bit. You gotta really prove yourself to achieve staff
  8. xd_Azures

    xd_Azures Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't recommend playing the server tbh. No one cares about it anymore.
  9. xd_Azures

    xd_Azures Well-Known Member

    Including all staff + owner. Owner stopped caring before anyone else lmfao.
  10. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Senior Moderator Staff Member Retired Sr. Moderator

    I'm sorry but you do not meet the age restrictions of 14 years old there for this application will be Denied
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