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Discussion in 'Closed Appeals' started by Varsityz, Jan 7, 2019.

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  1. Varsityz

    Varsityz Member

    What is your (in-game, forums, Discord) name? Varsityz ingame

    What is the (in-game, forums, Discord) name of the staff member(s) who issued the punishment(s)? 4thReichLeader

    Do you agree you did something wrong in this situation? Yes, I agree that I did something wrong in my mute situation.

    For how long are you banned? I am muted permanently.

    Why do you feel like this punishment was unjust, or why do you feel like it should be removed? I feel like this punishment was not unjust but could be justified, I was raiding a faction with my faction member and I realised they kept spawning back at f home and I kept killing them, after about 3 kills Enconing told me it was spam and I stopped a bit after another 3 kills because they were attacking me. I understand that but I dont see why I was not warned of it since another Helper was online. After that I was joking around in chat with Kiusta and my faction member Theatric, but I stopped when it went to far, which is why I was not muted like Theatric. I then wake up to being permanently muted and I check mutes and it was by 4th for "Rule Violation" I understand if it would have been a 1 hour, maybe even 1 day mute for joking around / a few death messages, but the fact that I was not warned at all surprised me. I feel this could be justified by either removing my mute now since it has been 2 days or shortening it to 1 day or a few hours. Thank you
  2. Slipest

    Slipest Well-Known Member

    You were muted because you say "nigger" too much I believe
  3. Varsityz

    Varsityz Member

    wow wow no need for racism man, but anyway im black so that should be fine and also if I say the n word I should be muted for what its worth, not because I say it so much
  4. Kiusta

    Kiusta Well-Known Member

    I think the perm mute was needed. You have been warned 7 times for racism alone... One of the warnings even said "Last time before perm" and you didn't listen. However it's not up to me to decide, if given a second chance you would need to set your game up.
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