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Discussion in 'Closed Staff Reports' started by _Vadex_, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    I am Sr. Mod _Vadex_

    I am reporting Staff Manager Dadssidehoe

    Reason for report: abuse of perms abuse of OP

    Dadsidehoe is current staff manager with OP capability. DadsSideHoe has had many times that he has abused his staff perms in the sort period that he has been manager.

    He has been spawning In illegal items that are not in the normal game play. An example of things that he has spawned in: Sharp 1000 axes, Sharp 400 chests, Thorns 200 chestplate, Sharp 71 axe, 11x11 pickaxes, hes given himself free Mcmmo. Hes given himself free claims. Most of the stuff he uses to gain advantage in PvP which is unfair to the legit players of breach who come to pvp just to get abused on by the admin. Its causing people to quit and not want to play anymore.

    DadsSideHoe has abused world edit to create his base without having to pay for it spawning in things you cant normally buy. This has been whiteness by Helper Andrew_Leblenc04.

    DadsSideHoe has repeatedly given OP to several players that arent supposed to get OP which has resulted in illegal items to get spawned in which can ruin economy give players unfair advantage and in the end break the game.

    DadsSideHoe is currently actively playing on the Red map which he is abusing a shard glitch that happens when you are OP. It gives you 4 shards per hit which no player that plays and has bought x5 shards doesnt get that many. DadsSideHoe is fully aware of this and said it's just a perk of being OP. FTOP 1 faction has 20 members and have played 2 weeks to gain $30b it's taken Dadsidehoe 2 days to gain $14B because if this glitch

    DadsSideHoe released personal information about me which is involving family. He released this to his friends who went into the server and spreading it all around. I did not give him permission to pass out this information as it is personal.

    DadsSideHoe Has used his perms to sudo helpers to unmute players to cause issues with how the staff team pulls a vote.

    There was a particular situation where a Jr Mod was in discord general talking to other members calling them "Pedophiles and Child Preditor" I reported this to DadsSideHoe who said it wasnt inappropriate and didnt require any sort of action. This kind of mentality cant be allowed as staff manager as the community is of young age and this kind of behavior causes a extremely hostile environment.

    I'm not even sure how DadsSideHoe got staff manager when about a week before he got demoted for abusing ban perms. He banned Theroia and ReklessCallum for annoying because they beat him in a fight.

    If this is Denied by DadsSideHoe then it is proof of abuse, this cannot be Denied by DadsSideHoe.

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  2. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    Yes on yellow mad I was aware of the stuff being spawned in and I went to confiscate the items having to use a ban as leverage in order to get it. The players that had the items were attempting to use them to go against players that take the PvP community seriously a way to get at them. I had messaged this player to not partake in the pvp until the items were confiscated. Once received the item was given to Yngi which is fair and cant really argue this part as she is not a tryhard PvP and wasnt going around abusing the items in an aggressive manner. But I can remember you going around much before this situation we are talking about with sharp 100 axes in active koth secession.

    The world edit claims are a report I received from other staff

    Spawning in items "as a troll" Is immature. Your going to purposely spawn in items to create reports like this? Because that's what the result is. You get a laugh and then reports get made. Time gets wasted and potential people that dont deserve it get demoted.

    That's very interesting about the payment of money that the helper in the picture has only been helper for 1 day and you still were growing before that by large amounts of money with this shard glitch. We will need to see the screenshot if the time stamp

    "this glitch

    The shard glitch is something i cannot help and i like grinding blazes"

    You know it's a extremely unfair advantage and you only have this ability because of being OP as tested by yourself. It takes me with x5 to grind out a full inventory in 30 mins what you can do in about 10 mins. You are knowingly abusing this. This is a simple solution to this. Grinding on an alt that does not have the ability of OP, so that your not giving yourself a unfair advantage. Saying that it's something you have and cant help would be like giving yourself money and saying "I cant control having that ability".

    Tones of players have been playing for year and spending lots of money. None them are given free mcmmo that your able to give yourself. If your going to use that excuse then everything in the store should be made free sense we all have spent money in the store so we all deserve it.

    Talking about peoples families is unacceptable when its gonna be used in the way it was. There were specific lines that I will get pulled from another staff member that was in the call at the time you were releasing this information.

    "Most players are muted by me unfairly" go ahead and challenge my punishments I have screenshots to backup all of my punishments. If someone is racist I screenshot and I mute. If someone is homophobic I screenshot and I warn followed by a mute of continued. Calling someone a "faggot" is a instant mute calling someone a "nigger" is an instant mute calling someone "gay" is a warn I dont verbally warn them saying "hey your about to get muted" so if this would make you happy I can start doing. But I can. Backup my punishments and if I cant then they deserve to be unmuted unpunished. So go ahead and challenge me on my punishments elsewhere I'm ready.

    Getting drunk and then hopping in discord and beginning to start problems with staff members making decisions as far as staff punishments shows that you are not ready for the position if you cant handle drinking and having a position of power.

    I seem to have failed to mention that you have been caught by me with autoclicker with the SS tool that I have. You.claim to use it only on other servers but as stated if it gets popped up on the tool it's a ban for players so why shouldnt it be a ban for you? This was taken in the server when I suspected you of using something I asked you to screenshare.

    All puppy did was hack and abuse. He didnt purposely cause issues with the staff team by spawning In things and showing it off to get reports made on him for purpose conflict. Puppy was 15 and your much older and in my opinion being far more irresponsible with it.

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  3. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    Out of instance can be received by simply closing the autoclicker program confirmed and tested.
  4. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    DadsSideHoe me and gen changed the rule from just flat out having autoclicker on the computer being a ban to if it pops up with our program to being a ban.
  5. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    Ok fine if you think the rule change is unfair then we can have it changed back to being banned for having it on your computer in which you are still in the wrong. The program detects the autoclicker if launched in the same day. And still detects it if you try to delete it so whichever rule you think is more fair your still breaking no matter how you look at it
  6. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    I dont care if I get demoted. I'm sticking up for what's right and doing my job of stopping abuse and catching cheaters. Someone has to step up and in doing it so keep changing the subject but it doesnt change the fact of what you have been doing with your time as manager
  7. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    Dads this staff report is on you. If you have an issue with me or would like to report the issue then go ahead and make a staff report on me but I am here providing the situations that feest has been unaware that his staff manager has been doing
  8. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    I went to talk to you about it and the response was "get me demoted I'm shit at this anyway"
  9. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member


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  10. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    I attempted to talk to you and you ignored me and only cracked jokes
  11. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    If you wanna chat about it then let's chat about it. I was heated yes. When you get a family you'll understand one day. Doesnt excuse the agression I had but either way I didnt feel like you were wanting to talk about it due to you remaining in the call with your buddies and wanting to attempt to move them into a call with me and CwRekZ_#2252 while we were working on a screenshare. Your friends are very hostile towards staff members and I dont care to be apart of that. I'd be willing to put this all behind us but there need to be a change
  12. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    Your gonna lose alot of dedicated staff members if changes arent made
  13. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    This is your "trying to explain that I'm mature"

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  14. _Vadex_

    _Vadex_ Well-Known Member

    Closed due to it has been settled between the both of us
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