Island Recruitment for Map 3 of Skyblock Green

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Normmal, Feb 26, 2019.

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    Hello, before you comment about how this is faction recruitment, I'm aware but there's no spot for island recruitment so here I am.

    Nan Gang
    We are looking for active and experienced players who are willing do devote time and effort to our island.
    Some requirements that we're looking for are

    • Schematica (Printing grinders & bedrock)
    • 1 or more alts with x5 spawn booster. (Crop booster would be an acceptable compromise)
    • A microphone (Not necessary but will definitely boost your chances)
    • 12+ age (Not that important either but we would like our members to be slightly mature)
    • Autosell
    • Island fly
    If you do/think you meet these requirements then contact myself or BigShaq_ on discord
    Normmal [NanGang]#6768 (Normmal)
    LIBERTY #8357 (BigShaq_)
  2. TuMadre1008

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    hEy My NaMe Is TuMaDrE aNd I wAnT tO tIcKlE yOuR uTtErs
  3. Normmal

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  4. TuMadre1008

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    OMFG, I will do my best next map I won’t let you down
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