Closed InfernoBlock is a Rude mod

Discussion in 'Closed Staff Reports' started by Dexiron, Oct 27, 2018.

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  1. Dexiron

    Dexiron New Member

    InfernoBlock called my friends and I pussies because we had a 3 versus 1 on factions yellow. The server went down so we didn't end up having a winner of the outpost, but I found it quite rude and unprofessional that he calls people on a server he is a Helper on, 1 of which spent money on, pussies. While I don't find this to be offensive, others will be angered by this, and he deserves a demotion. BreachPVP.png BreachPVP.png BreachPVP.png
  2. feestjezus

    feestjezus Owner Staff Member Owner


    Thank you for the report.
    This thread had been sent to the staff manager already this weekend, and will be looked at.
    You will get a follow-up message soon.

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