I lost my rank and some abilities (i have proof)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by imSxdness, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. imSxdness

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    Screenshot (5).png Screenshot (2).png hello, back in 2017 i bought legend rank and /sell i dont have it now , i stopped playing the server for a wile and i just hopped on today and i saw that my legend rank was missing and some of the commands i use to have so in this screen shot is proof that i bought it (all of the stuff i bought was on factions yellow) Screenshot (3).png and in this screen shot is proof that i used to the own the account "advancedlover45" but i have changed my name.

    and im also not sure if there's anything else i did buy on the server so if you could help me i would much appreciate it
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  2. Bjben

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    you said in 2017? i know that one-time o the server everyone lost their rank to the server being "hacked" that hard reset. no one got their rank, and I believe that is what happened.
  3. imSxdness

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    so no refund or anything?
  4. _WalkingWaffle_

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  5. Bjben

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    yea basically. but theres a sale on now, if you want to buy it again

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