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    Hoop is recruiting !

    -Big/Active Faction From red
    -We Need Builders(Symmetric), grinders, Afkers, and decorative builders
    -We are a well known fac with well known players

    Minimum age of 12
    Has access to Schematica
    Needs to be Active ( At least 2 hours A day )
    Has microphone and be able to be in call every once in a while

    Maps so far played
    Red map 1 ( FTOP 1)
    Red map 2 (FTOP 3,5)
    Red map 3 ( So far ftop 1 (Map ending 30-3-2019)
    Yellow map 4 (FTOP 3)
    Wasteland map 1 ( Ftop 1 )
    Wasteland map 2 (Ftop 1 )

    Join our Discord now to apply https://discord.gg/ksHwAC
    Or contact me on discord : LijpeGuyᴴᵉˡˡᶠᶦʳᵉ#3628

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