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Discussion in 'Closed Staff Reports' started by Diabetes, May 21, 2019.

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    Rather not want this report handled by Kiusta, Cwrekz, Vadex or UnknownToxix as this is about them.

    I have a major problem with the helpers on this server as I believe they are corrupt and only became staff to abuse some of their powers or they want to become imperial and feel like they’re better than us players.
    The helper, Vadex, is absolutely not acting his own age, as he said he is 25. They are using slang, such as ‘coon’ which is a synonym for ‘nigger’ and they annoy or even provoke players by making them feel down by spamming L in chat or doing other inappropriate things that helpers should absolutely not do. (Logs can proof, and screenshots). For the next thing about Vadex, read the screenshots. In those screenshots, Vadex is asking someone to help him with chargebacking stuff on the server. The dates occur from the friday before the 13th of May. I also wanna see the poll that was made on me, which was to vote to get me IP-muted for 30 days for things that happened — ranging from 30 days before the 19th of May. I don’t believe this is ethical, since there are alot of players with a continuous toxic behavior. And if you call arguing with staff toxic, then Vadex should be banned too.
    I feel like the polls that were made for me to be unbanned from the discord and for me to be muted for 30d, were just based on friendship and not based on facts.

    I also think Vadex does not know how to be a helper because he kicked me 6 times in a row because I wqs spamming — HE COULD HAVE WARNED and then I was banned after 6 warns HMMMMMM, I guess he doesn’t have the mental capability and IQ for that hmMmmmMmMmmmm

    Could be followed up.

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    This would have been looked into. but this is now denied due to what you said to kiusta in DMS
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  4. Diabetes

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    How’s that even a valid reason to close something — they still did things wrong LMFAO
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    I'm not a helper so this post isn't about me :thinkin:
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    Diabetes the people I banned were bots that were spamming the server, and the second screen shot of me doesn't prove anything but your toxicity....
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