Denied Hazooh - Staff Application (14/04/19)

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    In-Game Username: Hazooh
    DiscordTag (ex. Name#1234): HZ#3813
    First Name (Optional): Harry
    Current Age:
    Timezone / Country: BST / United Kingdom

    When are you most active? How many hours can you provide to Breach in a week?
    I am mostly active throughout the week, I am always on the server playing Skyblock but occasionally Factions because I believe that it is the most fun server out there. Monday - Fridays, at the moment due to me revising will be around 5PM - 10PM availability times, and on the weekends, Saturday I am very busy unfortunately so only can come on for maybe 2 hours or so but on Sunday completely free all day from around 12PM - 11PM.

    Which server(s) are you most active on? What is it about that particular game mode that keeps you interested?
    I am very active on the server at all times, don't really play any other, because the server supplies me with everything I need. Good people,good vibes and very good game modes, I very much enjoy Skyblock and I occasionally play the odd Faction on the Faction Red server.

    Have you ever been banned on BreachPvP? If so, why should this not affect your chances?
    I have never been banned on the BreachPvP network, but have been muted at certain times due to my toxic behaviour that I fully understand the rules that you supply and expect everyone on the server to cooperate with the rules. If I had been banned on the server before, I would admit to what I did, and understand that fully that I would have a very slim chance of getting Moderator on the network because obviously, trusting people.

    How do you feel that you'd make a contribution to Breach with the position you're applying for?
    I am one of the most active players on Skyblock, if not the most active person their, I can moderate the chat and know a decent amount of commands, this is due to previous experience on the Hive and a SG server called Backplay. I am nature and don't like an toxic chat, obviously I have had mutes from previous experiences, but have learnt now not to be. I also will be able to cooperate with the staff team with no issues. I will be able to help others that are in need of assistance and if they are having a troubled time getting used to the server.

    What issues do you see with Breach that you feel could be fixed?
    I had seen a lot of staff have just gone missing, which was a perfect opportunity to apply, I have noticed there isn't many staff members online the Skyblock at all really because obviously the 9 staff going and I have a feeling that they must of all been playing Factions mainly any way, so I can organise times with the staff members to be able to spread around different game modes so we are sure we always have staff online.

    Name a mistake you made during your time here on Breach? How did you fix that mistake? What did you learn from it?
    A big mistake was getting a few mute warnings, this was due to me once being very toxic, which this warning definitely taught me more of the rules of the server that toxic behaviour is not tolerated, and learnt for the future to just let on to people and make them smile, because a smile can go along way in someones days. My second mute was due to me spamming my keyboard in anger, which now I have learnt to keep my anger controlled and not be spamming the chat disturbing other players.

    Tell us your previous server moderation experience, with proof if applicable. If you lack previous experience, why should this not greatly affect your chances as a potential staff member?
    I was a helper on hive for a little time now, helping people with commands and issues, I do not hold any account of this I am afraid but may have a few people who can I was. My time at BackPlay, lasted a few days, due to the server having a major change in staff, this was due to them wanting to branch out and asked for every Moderator to reapply, I was not up to the job and wanted to apply for a different server that has a nicer, less toxic community with players I know when I log on.

    Why should we choose you, over any other applicant?
    Why I should be chosen as a staff member over any other applicant is because I am extremely active as I have stated before and know most commands a staff member can use. I also have played breach for a decent amount of time and I am familiar with a lot of rules and players and have not been banned for a valid reason. I keep up with the rules and try my hardest to not break any ever, but when I did made sure I apologised and made sure I fixed it.

    Tell us your greatest strengths? How would these help you during your time staffing, if accepted?
    My greatest strengths as of now are knowing most people that play the server and getting to know people just in general, I am very helpful when it comes to helping people with commands, being a very quick typer on my keyboard to be quick to help someone out.

    What about your greatest weaknesses? How do you get past them?
    A weakness that I have is getting toxic, but lately I have learnt to control this and realised after all, its just a game that people enjoy playing. So controlling my temper would have to be a big weakness but I will control it while being staff because I believe I now have the ability after your staff taught me a good lesson.

    Are you active on our Discord server?
    Yes, very active on the discord usually joining in on the conversations and seeing all the news that is going on, I mainly use discord for the news instead of the forums because it is more efficient for me as a player to see the notifications quickly as it bings on my computer.

    Is there anything else you'd like to add?
    Thank you for the opportunity to become something in this great server, my voice for my age is decently high pitched so hopefully this will not effect my position, sorry :(
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    Hey whatsup Harry Potter Nice strong App a +1 from
    Just a joke Pls dont spank me again ;)
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    Don't worry bro, I can take jokes all day haha
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    Very toxic player, rude to others including myself. Needs more detail on the application. Also don't repeat some words as often. Good Luck.
  5. Hazooh

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    Whats your IGN?
  6. xd_Azures

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    You're the guy on the server who always cusses at him just because he has a higher IS level than you lol.
    Vouch for Hazooh, incredibly professional and hard-working, I've worked alongside him as a Moderator on the Backplay Network, nothing but good things to say about him.
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    Lol just gonna lie to make him seem better? lmfao so sad.
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    His IGN is Vyroh, know him from a while back but he doesn't really play the server.
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    You have been DENIED

    You may re-apply in 2 weeks time.

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