Official Factions Red Map 4 - $1,800 FTOP

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Are you hyped for Factions Red Map 4?

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  1. feestjezus

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    Map 3 - $1,800 FTOP
    Saturday, April 6th at 8PM CEST (2PM EDT)

    Important Information
    • The overworld world border will be 12,000 x 12,000
    • The end world border will be 12,000 x 12,000
    • The arctic world border will be 12,000 x 12,000
    • There will be 12 corners total
    • This map will end on May 18th 8PM CEST (6 week map)
    • Grace period will be till April 13th 8PM CEST

    FTOP Information
    • The FTOP prize will be massly paid out to all winning factions in the end of the map. The $1,800 prize will be distributed to the top 5 factions.
    • TOTAL FTOP PRIZE: $1,800 Store Giftcard
    • The following prizes will be paid out on the last day of the map to all winning factions:
      1st. $500 Store Giftcard
      2nd. $400 Store Giftcard
      3rd. $350 Store Giftcard
      4th. $300 Store Giftcard
      5th. $250 Store Giftcard

    • Crates will be revamped
    • Bigfixes will occur
    • Various plugins will be updated to keep the server running healthy
    • A new Factions Spawn

    If any changes happen after this announcement or Map 4 start, it will be announced on our Discord server.

    End announcement
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    I will return and play this map, hope to see you all there
    - ClashR
  5. ClashR

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    I will be 3 days late
  6. Yoder

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    ^ 1week late lol
  7. Yoder

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    Why is this not locked xD

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