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    okay hi epic gamers, your master is back, confroting all the bad introduction with this epic mega op introduction.

    so i chose to do this cuz i needed a higher msg count and ye for the people who dont know me, HMmmmMMmmmmm

    i chose the name diabetes cuz i like skittles and high dose sugar shit, and everytime i eat them, it reminds me of diabetes, i also just chose this cuz things that come up my mind n shi. on the majority of platforms that i use, mu name is Diabetes, so tahts why i will be diabetes forevee.

    people might know me as gillows, technoblare, guccisalad, fr0gz, factionsgilles ..., been playing breech since the beginning of 2017 (dont u dare call me no og)

    i honestly think this server is absolutely shit when it comes to pvp cuz of the server lag and cannoning cuz of... idek why but ppl say u cant use fusion cannons on here
    but i keep coming back to breach after a long break just cuz ive built such a reputation on here and this community toxicism is funny af lol
    rip all my boiz (ogs from 2017)

    im from belgium btw

    my current ign is diabetesz
    @diabetezs on twitter
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    Good to meet you diabetes. When can we expect you staff application?
  3. Diabetes

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    whEn I aM LeSs TOxiC dAd
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  5. Diabetes

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