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    What is your (in-game, forums, Discord) name?


    What is the (in-game, forums, Discord) name of the staff member(s) who issued the

    The legend himself, _Vadex_

    Do you agree you did something wrong in this situation?

    Only thing I did wrong was go on my alt right after to say I counted to longer than 5 seconds to type /spawn. I actually thought the ban was a joke being there has been an influx of fake bans lately. Like, these bans are actually all together on the LiteBans ban list:

    For how long are you banned?

    Ya boi is perm banned

    Why do you feel like this punishment was unjust, or why do you feel like it should be removed?

    Well, for back ground information, me and Cakke_ were 1v1ing like 2 very epic gamers. This boi _Vadex_ comes over and starts hitting me, and I'm not about the 2v1 life, so I run. I ran away a pretty far distance away from _Vadex_, far away for him to be out of my render. I then count very slowly to 5, then do it again to make sure I didn't count fast. I saw _Vadex_ jump above a hill right before he got to me. It was probably well beyond my time of waiting for teleportation as if I didn't have instant teleportation permissions.

    I'd also like to address that _Vadex_ has been using mcmmo in pvp as an OPed player. Mcmmo doesn't have a cap when you're OPed. Every skill caps out at 1k, so for example, so as an un-opped player, if you put 3k mcmmo on Unarmed, it will give you a 33.33% to unarm, but if you have 3k mcmmo on Unarmed as an opped player, it will (theoretically) give you a 99.99% to unarm someone. This is just an example. _Vadex_ has been using mcmmo on both swords and axes. With swords, if he blocks and I continue hitting him, I end up dropping myself after 5 hits, while it doesn't do that much damage if you hit someone that's blocking their sword if they aren't opped, even if they have the same amount of mcmmo. He also has a high percentage of getting critical hits with his axe, that leads to very good combos and high damage. He knows about this and fails to not pvp on an alt/take his mcmmo away. I actually find this quite hypocritical because in his report against Manager DadsSideHoe, he basically says the same thing I'm saying about his mcmmo except it was concerning shards. As I quote:

    "DadsSideHoe is currently actively playing on the Red map which he is abusing a shard glitch that happens when you are OP. It gives you 4 shards per hit which no player that plays and has bought x5 shards doesnt get that many. DadsSideHoe is fully aware of this and said it's just a perk of being OP. FTOP 1 faction has 20 members and have played 2 weeks to gain $30b it's taken Dadsidehoe 2 days to gain $14B because if this glitch"

    I also have the screenshots of my console client as things happened. In none of this does _Vadex_ attempt to get my side of the story.

    Another thing to address is the amount of fake bans recently. The staff team really needs to chill on these. They're fun every once in a while, not every hour.

    Lastly, even if I did use InstantTP, of which I didn't, I wouldn't ban someone for it, especially perm, unless it was a reocurring thing, for which that should be a demote. If I did use InstantTP, I would recommend a strike at worst.

    Thank you for reading, and in conclusion I should be unbanned and remain unpunished concerning this ban.


    Desktop Screenshot 2019.08.20 -

    Desktop Screenshot 2019.08.20 -

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    I have been unbanned, so this has been accepted. I would like to say, despite accepting this, is I apologize to _Vadex_ for being a little cocky after being unbanned. I do disagree with how it was handled, but it was very unprofessional of me to say "L" after being unbanned. _Vadex_'s side of the story that I stood still for about exactly 5 seconds. I disagree with that, but it was no reason to be cocky about it. _Vadex_ has stood up for me countless times and has taught me many things relating to, not only in-game, but a few lessons I can apply to real life. It's sucks that it only takes 1 letter, "L", to end a friendship. Me and _Vadex_ have been friends for 4 Yellow Maps, and it only took one letter to end it all. Anyway, that's just my lesson for the day.
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