Denied Bugged out Vadex?

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    Reporting Vadex Sr-Mod

    What rule did he or she break :

    -Abusing ( Unessery Use of there powers )
    -Owner Diss
    -Player diss
    -Toxic behav
    -Talking about scamming / chargebacking on feest
    -Causing drama


    -Owner diss / Player diss

    He has done far worst then this he talks about private stuff like its a joke in 1 of the cases he was involved with was this one Calling me and feest Retarded and supporting ( Not banning the ones who are dissing feest / and me )

    Homophobic Against other staff members .

    With the add the reaction option he has done stuff like this against staff / players

    Talking about chargebacking / Scamming feest

    This screenshot has been provided by Rocket ( Old staff member) He came forward to me because he knew this wasnt allowed

    Toxic behav ?:

    When someone is talking about stuff he doesnt agree with or doesnt like he just tells us straight to stfu i dont think this type of behav is alllowed because as staff you need to be a example of a good player

    Uness Bans :

    I found these ones just checking out some pages there are probs more like this ( Warnings . mutes . bans kicks )
    I dont think a staff member should be allowed to use his perms like this

    Random ss people when ever they are just walking or afking on spawn :
    Own story from me I was just sitting afk At spawn when i got the message you have been frozen and your getting ss i wasnt grinding or pvping so i thought this would be a joke but it wasnt i got ss for real . Since i didnt use a hack client for over 4 months and autoclicker not for 2 months o thought i was safe but i wasnt they found my old config file of an Roblox autoclicker and i got banned

    Banning someone when Kiusta told them it was ok to msg ( When muted )

    Vadex muted clemente a couple of days ago dont know for what and i dont care but when Vadex his friend kiusta msg clemente and told msg was fine when muted . He got banned Instead of warning kiusta for spreading false information ( Trying to get someone false banned ) he went for the false ban

    Threating a helper who helped in a prank to get demoted
    LoserL got sudo by dads to prank Vadex ( By unmuting me ) and vadex directly started to threaten To get him demoted ( Vadex isnt the staff manager and still is talking about it like he is ). I got muted again by dads so no harm was done but still he threatened him

    Muting Someone for no reason with no proof
    I got muted for 30 days a couple of days ago by vadex ( Still muted ) He told me it was a staff decision but i didnt do anything wrong i didnt spoke for a couple of days on mc . and only called him dumb in memes on DISCORD AND FORUMS . But vadex had to make his own rules again and make a staff Poll IF I should be muted he didnt wait for the whole staff team to vote he just muted me because i dissed him on the forums . and when ever you try to talk with him about it he Says this *GET BLOCKED WEYO*


    He likes to ban people for the discord aswell for no reason
    He banned me 2 days ago for earaping him or something but it wasnt me and he was so sure its me when i was muted .... Yngi is my witness and he banned me for other reasons aswell when i wasnt even the worse .

    I think i will be adding more to this later ! This is it for now
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