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    » BreachPvP Rules Guide | Last Updated: 21 March 2019 «
    » BreachPvP Copyright © 2016-2019 «
    » Rules are subject to change at any time! «

    REMINDER: All reports should have proof and should be reported within a months time of which they were collected. Videos for hackers, full-screen unedited screenshots uploaded to Gyazo/Imgur (or anything like them) for warns/mutes. If a staff member tells you to do to something, please abide by what they say.

    » Warnable Punishments:
    Non-BreachPvP Links:
    • Giving a link to another website like

    Toxicity/Causing Drama:
    • Filling chat with hate speech, or attempting to cause trouble by bringing up past events on and off the server which have been known to cause issues. Warn for this as it occurs, depending on the severity, after three warnings, if they continue after that then mute for 30 minutes, then 2 hours, then permanent.

    • Spamming 6 or more of the same characters in a row.

    • Spamming 4 or more messages in chat.

    Player Disrespect:
    • Being excessively rude to other players. Can be escalated if need be.

    Server Disrespect:
    • Disrespecting the server and/or the owner.

    Provoking/Causing Spam:
    • Causing other players to spam chat un-necessarily.

    » Mute-able Punishments:
    Staff Disrespect:
    • Depends on the instance, staff can decide the punishment. Normally should be a warn and then a mute if continued.

    • One hour mute, that can be escalated if need be. This includes bypassing with "nibba".

    Death Threats/Suicide Threats:
    • One hour mute. Can be escalated if need be. This includes threatening friends and/or family.

    Excessive Mentioning Server Names:
    • 30m+ mute.

    » Kick-able Punishments:

    Attempting to Bypass /Ignore:
    Bypassing /ignore in any way possible.
    • 1h Mute.

    Other Circumstances:
    • Extenuating Circumstances where a player is out of control and ignoring staff.

    » Bannable Punishments:
    Advertising: Sending the IP of another server (Minecraft or Discord) or Player for any reason:
    • Permanent Ban.

    Hacking/Autoclicker: (X-Ray, Kill Aura, Anti-Knockback etc.)
    • 1st Ban 30 Days. Goes up by 30 Days for each ban received. 4th Ban is a permanent ban. You are not allowed to have any sort of auto clicker & ghost client on your computer or have "Jigsaw" installed even if you "don't use it".

    DDoS / Dox Threats: Hitting someone offline, making it so they can’t use the internet or gathering information about a player by using external applications.
    • Permanent Ban for any DDoS Threat.

    Exploiting Glitches: Knowing of a glitch/buy and using it to gain an advantage, includes duping.
    • Glitches include using perks/commands that you’re not meant to have/are not functioning normally, creating a situation for yourself that under normal circumstances wouldn’t happen for personal benefit.
    • Duping is a Perm Ban.
    • Other exploits are 3d+ Ban. Can be escalated if need be.

    Chargeback: Reversing payments and attempting to get your money back you already spent.
    • Permanent Ban.
    If threatening to chargeback, the player will receive an initial 1 Day IP-mute. If continued will be issued a short ban.

    Evading Punishment: Getting Banned/Muted and using another account to speak/play:
    • Permanent ban only for the alt.
    • IP Ban if they keep coming back.

    Staff Harassment/Claiming Abuse: Making fun/giving staff a hard time because they are staff. Claiming abuse on staff without taking the proper steps to report them, just to intimidate them or threaten them.
    • Depending to what extent that attack was to a suitable ban amount is to the discretion of the staff member.

    Inappropriate [item] / Inappropriate /ah items: Inappropriate name on an [item], /ah.
    • 10-30 min ban depending on the severity. Confiscate the item.
    • Kick, and confiscate the item.

    Use of any blacklisted mod: Use of any mod that we don’t allow on the server.
    • 1st Ban 30 Days. Goes up by 30 Days for each ban received.

    IRL Scamming: Scamming someone on an IRL deal.
    • Perm Ban. No ban if they give back the items.

    Inappropriate Faction/Island Name:
    • After getting warned and they don't abide it's a 10d Ban.

    Illegal Trapping: Trapping someone in your territory who is not enemied to you. This includes placing a block in someones head/suffocating them. Trapping staff isn't allowed.
    • 3d Ban after warn.

    » Factions Specific Rules:
    20 Chunk Wall Buffer:
    •Your factions base claim can only be a max of 20 chunks from the first wall of your base (typically 160 walls max). You cannot make empty bases along your buffer to increase your amount of claims. (You must have a two chunk gap between two bases claims if they are over 20 chunks.)

    • Scamming and Griefing (raiding) IS allowed, as these are both major parts of the economy and playstyle. Getting insided and scammed by factions members is allowed (Staff can not inside, scamming is looked down upon but not completely against the rules).

    Cannon Claims:
    • Cannon claims are only allowed to stay for when you are attempting to raid the faction. Cannon claims kept outside other factions bases for prolonged periods of times can and will be removed due to them acting like extra claims for the base when other factions attempt to raid. This includes bitch claiming. You are allowed to raid during grace period only with creeper eggs.

    Base/TP Glitching:
    • Seven-day ban, illegally entering a factions base through cheating methods. (Creeper Egg Glitching, EnderPearl Glitching, Abusing Commands, Block Glitching). Can be escalated if need be.

    » Skyblock Specific Rules:

    Insiding/Griefing: Doing any harm to one's island intentionally.
    • 30d Ban and the island will get rolled back.

    » Allowed Mods:
    • Optifine
    • Forge
    • Schematica (Printer allowed)
    • World Download
    • GammaBright
    • DamageIndicators (Not allowed to show what gear someone has on or anything alike)
    • DirectionHUD
    • ArmorStatusHUD
    • StatusEffectHUD
    • Tasty Cannoning Utilities
    • Replay Mod (Not allowed on Factions unless recording a hacker or for making cinematic shots.)
    • TCPNoDelay
    • Sky Lighting Fix
    • Better Sprint (ToggleSprint)
    • Minimap (Not showing players/entities)
    • Waila [What Am I Looking At]
    • Add-ons: Waila harvestability
    • - Displays what block you are currently looking at and some details, including block id, correct tool to use, whether it is currently harvestable with your selected tool, and crop growth progress.
    • Tabby chat
    • Saturation Display
    • 5zig
    • LabyMod
    • Shaders
    • Shiny Pots
    • BetterHud
    • CPS Display (This is NOT an auto-clicker)
    • Batty's Coordinate Mod
    • Auto Torch Mod
    • Key-Strokes Mod
    • ChunkBorders
    » Disallowed Mods:
    • Hacked Clients
    • Ghost Clients
    • Nuker
    • X-Ray (This includes X-Ray texture packs)
    • Scenters
    • Forcefield
    • Smart Moving
    • Player Radars
    • Tracers
    • Auto Fish
    • Auto Switch
    • Fly
    • Cave Finder
    • Chest Finder or Chest ESP
    • Player ESP
    » Allowed Macros:

    A Macro or Minecraft shortcut or putting something on your keyboard to AFK mine a cobble generator would be allowed as long as there is no /fix all script to auto fix your tools. Console client is allowed if it's not on a VPN!

    Any sort of Macro that would be used to make building or something easier is allowed as long as it doesn't automate any commands to make a profit.

    » Disallowed Macros:

    Any sort of Macro that would give you any advantage in PvP/PvE would be disallowed such as but not limited to:
    Auto Clickers, "Auto Soup", scrolling to an item and using it or a bow boosting macro.

    Any sort of Macro to allow you to auto /shop or /sell all on a Loop to AFK and make money would be disallowed such as but not limited to:

    A /shop to go to a category and sell a certain item or using /sell all on a loop to AFK sell.

    If you think that there is a rule missing or that there is a mistake in the rules, make sure to PM a staff member!
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