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Discussion in 'Closed Staff Reports' started by Moe, Mar 24, 2019.

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    okay, if you weren't lying in this it would be so much easier to believe. and if you gonna screenshot stuff might as well screen shot all of it. I have 2 people that can back me up Lurisa and islayup, I was in a call with islayup and lurisa was in chat in the whole mess. When you first joined the server a banned account had shown up, which I kindly asked why it was banned you went on to assume I was looking at you ips, which I wasn't, you then went on to say the n-word, in fact, calling me it, so I warned you for staff diss followed by a warning for ban evading and you kept going which lead to me warning you 2 more times, as you can see in your "proof" I tempted you for 3 hours for not listening to staff. and if you had shown all the "proof" you would have seen I said Please stop and you didn't. I asked you to leave multiple times to save you from being banned, and again you didnt listen. it would be the best of your interest to back down from this, as I have the proof, and I have people to back me up, as well as server logs if you want to go that far. next time think it through before you accuse staff, disrespect me and fellow players, ban evade say the N-word in a public chat and try to get me demoted by having some proof that is easy to see that you have covered it up and zoomed in so you cant see the stuff you said and that I said.

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    Dear Apexso,
    Sorry to inform you but since you have broken some of our important rules you have been banned. The reason we have banned you is because you were ban evading which we do not allow in the breach community! You have broken other rules such as, ignore staff, staff diss, racial slurs, and probably more. I also suggest that if you were to report a staff or make a unban request that you don't lie so much... In this case the report will be DENIED! Have a good rest of your time.
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