Closed Banned v2 - i made an appeal the other day but i made a mistake

Discussion in 'Closed Appeals' started by ImUsuallyGood, Dec 30, 2018.

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  1. ImUsuallyGood

    ImUsuallyGood New Member

    What is your (in-game, forums, Discord) name? : My Ign Is ImUsuallyGood my forums name is ImUsuallyGood and im not on breachpvp's discord but my discord is vDeleted2002#9385

    What is the (in-game, forums, Discord) name of the staff member(s) who issued the punishment(s)? : Ign - Slipest and i assume hit forums name is Slipest and dont know his discord sorry..

    Do you agree you did something wrong in this situation? : I was banned for hacking but i wasnt on a client i admit to using an auto clicker but the cps was Min: 7 and max: 11

    For how long are you banned? : It was already 30 days but i left it a few days and it was on 23 days left then I made an appeal but in my appeal I put permanently because I thought it was a different server and i got re-banned for 30 days

    Why do you feel like this punishment was unjust, or why do you feel like it should be removed? : i think it should be removed because... yes i was autoclicking but it wasnt that high and i was only autoclicking cus i was 3 barring so non of my hits would've connected if i wasnt on a autoclicker im sorry for doing and im very certain it wont happen again,,, please unban me <3 thanks for taking time and reading
  2. FoxPlayz101

    FoxPlayz101 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    First off, No matter what you bars are there is no exuse to hacking im sorry. and Second, idk about the ban resetting back to 30 days, I will check everything and if this is true you should get your ban less but not unban. However, if this is a lie and you were planning to get less days then your ban might be upped in time.
  3. ImUsuallyGood

    ImUsuallyGood New Member

    @FoxPlayz101 i promise my ban was on like 23 days left then i made the mistake and he reset it to 30 days its not his fault i gave him wrong info and he followed for for the inconvenience
  4. ImPuppyHD

    ImPuppyHD Senior Moderator Staff Member Sr. Moderator

    You ban has expired.
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