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    Last updated: October 11th 2019

    Copyright BreachPvP © 2016-2019
    Rules are subject to change at any time.
    Besides these rules, the in-game rules also apply to the Discord server.

    General rules

    Suggestions bot is to be used in the #botcommands channel

    Checking invite links using the command should not be spammed

    Music bot commands is to be used in the #botcommands channel

    The BreachPvP bot can be used both in #dankmemes channel and the #botcommands channel (Fun commands only in the dankmemes channel)

    Do not abuse the react feature by make any words that break the rules

    We do not tolerate any sexual content

    DankMemes channel rules

    This channel is for everything else.
    Toxicity will be allowed here, more than in the general channel. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD.

    Still any heavy inappropriate content will be punishable.
    Not open for further replies.