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    Last updated: October 10th 2019

    Copyright BreachPvP © 2016-2019
    Rules are subject to change at any time.

    REMINDER: All reports should have proof and should be reported within a 2 weeks time of when they were collected. Videos for hackers, full-screen unedited screenshots for warns/mutes. If a staff member tells you to do something, please abide by what they say.

    Non-BreachPvP links (advertising)

    Sharing a link to a website other than BreachPvP.

    Toxicity or causing drama
    Filling the chat with hate speech, or attempting to cause trouble by bringing up past events on and off the server which have been known to cause issues.
    Warning -> warning -> warning -> 10 minute mute -> 3 hour mute -> permanent mute

    Any Language is allowed in chat. If you seek for help from a staff member, then please let this be in English, this is what our staff need to speak.

    Chat flood
    Spamming 6 or more of the same characters in a row, or spamming random characters in the chat. (Example) nooooooooooo!
    Warning -> 10 minute mute -> permanent mute

    Chat spam
    Spamming 4 or more messages in the chat.
    Warning -> 10 minute mute -> permanent mute

    Player disrespect or personal attacks
    Being excessively rude to other players. Can be escalated if needed. (E.g) verbally (typing) abusive words/abbreviations.
    Warning -> 10 minute mute -> permanent mute

    Server disrespect
    Disrespecting the server.
    Disrespecting the management or personal attacks towards the management.

    10 minute mute -> 4 week ban

    Provoking / causing spam
    Causing other players to spam the chat unnecessarily, for example saying who ever gets the number in my head right gets the prize, causing the players to spam.
    10 minute mute -> permanent mute

    Staff disrespect / personal attack
    Any negative, disrespectful or personal attack towards a staff member.
    Warning or mute -> ban / long term mute

    Ignoring staff
    Ignoring a Staff member when asked to do something.
    Warning -> warn or mute -> one week ban

    Racism or homophobia
    Any discrimination against race, skin color, nationality or homosexual people.
    Warning -> one hour mute -> one week ban

    Death threats or suicide threats
    Wishing someone to kill them selves or threatening people to end their life.
    One hour mute

    Excessive mentioning server names
    Talking about other servers and saying their names in the global chat (Outside global chat allowed)
    Warning -> 24 hour mute -> 24 hour ban

    Other circumstances
    Extenuating circumstances when a player is out of control and ignoring staff.
    Suitable punishment decided by a staff member

    Cobble monstering
    Cobble monstering is not allowed during grace period
    One day ban

    Lag machines
    Any type of lag machine will not be allowed. A lag machine is an ingame made machine built to cause lag on the server.
    One week ban

    Sharing the IP of another Minecraft server. Discord servers included.
    4 week ban -> permanent ban

    Hacking or using a autoclicker
    Hack client, x-ray, kill aura, anti-knockback etc.
    One month ban -> permanent ban

    Ddos or Dox threats
    Hitting someone offline, making it so they can’t use the internet or gathering information about a player by using external applications.
    One month ban -> permanent ban

    Exploiting Glitches
    Glitches include using perks/commands that you’re not meant to have/are not functioning normally, creating a situation for yourself that under normal circumstances wouldn’t happen for personal benefit.
    One month ban -> permanent ban

    Reversing payments and attempting to get your money back you spent on BreachPvP
    Permanent ban

    Evading punishment
    Getting banned or muted and using another account to play or using any type of vpn or bypass to join the server and bypass the ipban / ipmute
    Permanent IP ban

    Staff harassment claiming abuse
    Making fun of a staff or giving staff a hard time because they are staff. Claiming abuse on staff without taking the proper steps to report them, just to
    intimidate them or threaten them.

    One week ban -> permanent ban

    Inappropriate [item] or inappropriate auction item names
    10-30 minute ban, confiscate the item

    Use of any blacklisted mod
    Use of any mod that we don’t allow on the server.
    One month ban -> permanent ban

    IRL scamming
    Scamming a player by letting them purchase something with real money and not giving the item agreed on.
    Permanent ban

    Inappropriate faction name
    Warning -> 15 day ban
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