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  • Official BreachPvP Faction specific rules

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    Last updated: October 11th 2019

    Copyright BreachPvP © 2016-2019
    Rules are subject to change at any time.

    Splitting FTOP value to win multiple rewards
    You cannot split your value into different small factions to win multiple prizes from the FTOP rewards.

    20 Chunk wall buffer
    Your faction base claim can only be a max of 20 chunks from the first wall of your base (typically 160 walls max). You cannot make empty bases along your buffer to increase your amount of claims. (You must have a two chunk gap between two bases claims if they are over 20 chunks.)

    Scamming and griefing (raiding) is allowed except for grace period, as these are both major parts of the economy and playstyle. Cobble monstering will not be allowed during grace period. Getting insided and scammed by factions members is allowed (Staff can not inside, scamming is looked down upon for staff but is not completely against the rules).
    Griefing can end in a 5d-15d Ban Decision will be made on the Damage it has done. The spawners which got lost in the grief will be refunded

    Cannon claims
    Cannon claims are only allowed to stay for when you are attempting to raid the faction.
    Cannon claims kept outside other factions bases for prolonged periods of times can and will be removed due to them acting like extra claims for the base when other factions attempt to raid. This includes bitch claiming. You are allowed to raid during grace only in form of a inside nothing else . (There cannot be claims outside a base during grace period)

    Base/TP glitching
    Any illegal entry of any base (claimed or unclaimed) will result in full refund of spawners. Multiple offences of base glitching could result is a perm ban without being able to be unbanned (blacklist) Getting a faction member to grief a base to allow you entrance in grace is not allowed this can end up in a warning to a 3d ban.
    Blocking up spawners with any block to prevent raiding is not allowed. First offence will result in a warn and told to remove. Refusal and an admin will remove the blocks. Further action may result in a ban for cheating
    All illegal entry includes creeper egg glitching, enderPearl glitching, abusing commands, block glitching, horse glitching, Xray/chestESP, fly hacks or any other glitch that give you ability to enter/reach spawners that otherwise wouldn't be reachable. If this happens the result will be a ban depending on history and the spawners refunded to the base that was cheated into. An admin will have to be the one to refund spawners. Knowing about people doing this and not reporting this makes you an
    accomplice and this can also result in a punishment this punishment will be decided by the highest Staff member online.
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