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  • BreachPvP Allowed and disallowed mods or macros

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    Last updated: October 11th 2019

    Copyright BreachPvP © 2016-2019
    This is subject to change at any time.

    Allowed mods

    • Optifine
    • Forge
    • Schematica (Printer allowed)
    • World Download
    • TcpNoDelay
    • GammaBright
    • DamageIndicators (Not allowed when showing what gear someone has on or anything alike)
    • DirectionHUD
    • ArmorStatusHUD
    • StatusEffectHUD
    • Tasty Cannoning Utilities
    • Replay Mod (Not allowed on Factions unless recording a hacker or for making cinematicshots.)
    • Sky Lighting Fix
    • Better Sprint (ToggleSprint)
    • Minimap (Not showing players/entities)
    • Waila [What Am I Looking At]
    • Tabby chat
    • Saturation Display
    • 5zig
    • LabyMod
    • Shaders
    • Shiny Pots
    • BetterHud
    • CPS Display
    • Batty's Coordinate Mod
    • Auto Torch Mod
    • Key-Strokes Mod
    • ChunkBorders

    Disallowed mods
    • Hacked Clients
    • Ghost Clients
    • Nuker
    • X-Ray (This includes X-Ray texture packs)
    • Scenters
    • Forcefield
    • Smart Moving
    • Player Radars
    • Tracers
    • Auto Fish
    • Auto Switch
    • Fly
    • Cave Finder
    • Chest Finder or Chest ESP
    • Player ESP
    • AutoClickers
    • Damage-Indicator Mod

    Allowed macros
    • A Macro or Minecraft shortcut or putting something on your keyboard to AFK mine a cobble generator would be allowed as long as there is no /fix all script to auto fix your tools. Console client is allowed if it's not on a VPN!
    • Any sort of Macro that would be used to make building or something easier is allowed as long as it doesn't automate any commands to make a profit.
    Disallowed macros
    • Any sort of Macro that would give you any advantage in PvP/PvE would be disallowed such as but not limited to:
      Auto Clickers, "Auto Soup", scrolling to an item and using it or a bow boosting macro.
    Not open for further replies.