Denied 0g8- Helper Staff Application - 1/1/2019

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by 0g8, Jan 2, 2019.

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  1. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

    Thank you so much, I’ve been grounded the past week because I have a C+ in Algebra but I’m turning in some late assignments I’ve been working my butt off on so I’ll be back on in the next couple of days hopefully <3 <3
  2. TheGenerous

    TheGenerous Senior Moderator Staff Member Sr. Moderator

    Lovely application, I would love to see another staff member on red ! You i feel would make a great contribution to the staff team, being mature and confident about his staff skills is reassuring. I wish you the best of luck ! :p
  3. xd_Azures

    xd_Azures Well-Known Member

    If you catch me afking don’t tell feest I ain’t confessing :rolleyes:;)
  4. Slipest

    Slipest Well-Known Member

    Denied due to inactivity ingame.
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