Denied 0g8- Helper Staff Application - 1/1/2019

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  1. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

    In-Game Username:
    My current in-game username is 0g8
    You can find a list of my previous in-game names here (NameMC)

    DiscordTag (ex. Name#1234):
    My Discord tag is 0g8#4463
    you can also contact me by E-mail (

    First Name (Optional):

    Current Age:
    I am currently (as of 1/1/2019) 14 years old, however my birthday is 1/4/2019 so I turn 15 in a couple of days :)

    Timezone / Country:
    I [currently] live in the Pacific time zone in the far northwest corner of Washinton state in the United States of America. However, my mother was recently offered a job in competition located in the Phoenix area of Arizona.

    When are you most active? How many hours can you provide to Breach in a week?
    My most active days of the week will obviously be on the weekends and during any sort of school breaks as I am in high school. For further info please move your vision spheres to the chart thing I have placed below this.
    Monday : ~3-8PM
    Tuesday : ~4-8PM
    Wednesday : ~3-8PM
    Thursday : ~1-8PM
    Friday : ~3-10PM
    Saturday : ~10Am-10PM
    Sunday : ~10Am-8PM

    Which server(s) are you most active on? What is it about that particular game-mode that keeps you interested?
    I'm gonna safely assume that because of the advertisement rules on the forums that you mean the in-network servers, in this case then my favorite branch of Breach-PvP has got to be Factions RED. I've always been a HUGE fan of the factions play-style and the idea of it. I think that the server supports the factions life well too with diversity in what a person can do to make a style of how they like to play.

    Have you ever been banned on Breach-PvP? If so, why should this not affect your chances?
    I have not ever been banned on Breach-PvP. Nor have I ever needed "reminding" from a member of the staff team for any reason.

    How do you feel that you'd make a contribution to Breach with the position you're applying for?
    With the Helper position that I'm currently applying to, I believe that I could impact the amount of toxicity on any server on the network with basic Helper permissions. I also believe that I could impact the chat region by helping players in need and enforcing the server rules when need be with minor punishments such as a mute or kick and if further punishment need to take place I will be able to contact higher ups on the server via Discord.

    What issues do you see with Breach that you feel could be fixed?
    I think that, overall, Breach-PvP is a good and well-running server however by personal opinion (and by no means popular opinion) there is a bit of teleportation lag on all branches of the server but that is not by any means a major problem or a popular opinion. I would also add cobblestone genbuckets to the Faction RED/YELLOW but once again, that is not a major problem just personal opinion or a server problem.

    Name a mistake you made during your time here on Breach? How did you fix that mistake? What did you
    learn from it?

    I'm gonna be perfectly honest and try not to sound like I'm bragging or being cocky.
    I try myself to keep to myself most of the time except for when there's something like a new player in need or things of the sort. I don't have many mistakes that I've made on this server. I don't have any ongoing tussles with other players or staff members and like I've stated before, I haven't been banned on this beautiful server or even ever gotten reminded by a staff member about the server rules. I'm not a toxic person and when I am I refrain from stuff like suicidal encouragement, I'm the person that says "gg" even when I lose so I don't really get butt hurt or anything of the sort.

    Tell us your previous server moderation experience, with proof if applicable. If you lack previous experience, why should this not greatly affect your chances as a potential staff member?
    I don't have much if any proof of any previous server authority experience. I do have experience however but I understand if you don't believe me because I'm just asking you to take my word for it.
    (By server and forum advertisement rules I will not be posting full IP addresses or website names)
    PotatoMc - Small community type server - Moderation Crew
    OmegaRealm - Medium Server (300+) - Jr. moderator
    CyberNet - Small community server - CoOwner (My friend Allen owned it)

    Why should we choose you, over any other applicant?
    Some reasons that I personally believe you should chose me over another applicant is that I have previous semi to high-up ranking staff experience in the Minecraft community. My second reason, may not sound good coming from me, but is that I have personal experience with using hacked client(s), I used clients like Jisaw and Wurst back in the time of version 1.9 because I wasn't (and am still not) the best at pvp. I have however been... punished from other servers that I enjoyed and it ruined the experience of having an edge over other players. I thoroughly understand that this will likely impact whether or not you accept my application and I accept that. I just will hope that you see the bright side of things from my side of the scale.

    Tell us your greatest strengths? How would these help you during your time staffing, if accepted?
    Some of my greatest strengths that would be evident in my position as staff are the following:
    -My ability to spot different kinds of hacks that some others may miss (no disrespect to the current staff team of course)
    -My almost unhealthy dedication to this game, but I do sleep don't worry. I don't wanna look like Justin Bieber if you know what I mean xD.
    -My ability to make second by second actions in sometimes intense situations.
    -My overall knowledge of basic permissions for any server and my previous experience in opped situations.

    What about your greatest weaknesses? How do you get past them?
    Some of my greatest weaknesses are that I am very competitive, I will always try to be the first person to be on scene of a hacker that turns up in a report or in the chat by Anti-cheat, I try my best in these situations to remember that in lots of cases that I have to let other people take credit for things that they likely found first and not rush into things. I also have a tendency to get a bit out of my league when it comes to stuff like doxxing threats. I, as a helper, will realize that I cannot disperse proper punishment for anything more than targeted disrespect or maybe "extreme toxicity" and that I may sometimes have to call in higher-ups to hand someone, who let's say is hacking, the correct punishment. And also, just recently, my grandmother on my mother's side was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, which is I guess a worse version of lung cancer. This has put me in a weird state in life because me and my grandmother have a very good relationship and I'm just praying to god that she makes it through. Video-games have been a great outlet and distraction for me from real life events and I enjoy them thoroughly to the point where I just forget what's happening around me sometimes.

    Are you active on our Discord server?
    I am often in discord when I'm playing games but sometimes I just forget to open it up. I don't do much in discord except maybe help a new-comer every so often with basic server and Discord rules, and in some cases chat with the other players.

    Is there anything else you'd like to add?
    There isn't much I really have reason to say except thank you for reading, and hopefully taking my application into consideration. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day/night.

    If you would like to see more of my personal life you can follow me on my Instagram @Ellijah.vro

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  2. Kiusta

    Kiusta Well-Known Member

    This is a great application! Very east to read, good amount of detail, etc etc. I haven't met you in-game, are you fairly new to the server? Anyways best of luck!

    - Also happy early birthday! :D
  3. Kiusta

    Kiusta Well-Known Member

    Easy* not east :rolleyes:
  4. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

    Hello, thank you so much <3
    I personally haven't seen you on either, maybe we just live in different time zones. I have a little over 12 Hours on the server however I did used to play it a few resets ago on Factions Yellow.
  5. Rehurt

    Rehurt Well-Known Member

  6. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

  7. Thicness

    Thicness Well-Known Member

  8. Thicness

    Thicness Well-Known Member

    Clean app but i've never seen u
  9. Gilles

    Gilles New Member

    Woah mate, those times when you can be active— do you like not have exams or work for school? Do you have any screenshots of your ranks on these servers by any chance?
  10. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

    I really only play on Factions RED, I do not know if that's the reason we don't see each-other online. I really should start participating more in Factions YELLOW.
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  11. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

    I know that the times may seem strange but I do participate in school here in Washington. I just often am home at those times. I do leave my account online AFK'ing my grinders quite often as well.
    And if you're talking about the servers that I say I've been staff on... No, sadly I do not have any proof other than my word that I have any staffing experience. I don't take screenshots often is the only reason why.
  12. Rehurt

    Rehurt Well-Known Member

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  13. Rehurt

    Rehurt Well-Known Member

    This man has nice breasts. +1. He also has a overrated 3 letter name. -1. He didn’t use spellcheck because the I(s) aren’t capitalized. +10. I think I just gave a wicked summary on this app.
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  14. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

    Thank you for reminding me <3 I just claimed mine now, I guess it was just never anything important to me to claim my NameMC account :)
  15. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

    Thank you for the compliment?? XD
    I know it's a bit of a strange name, I just came up with it a few months ago and it stuck.
    Thank you for noticing, I'll be sure to use spellcheck from here on out.

    I ran through the application and I did manage to find a few cases where I did not capitalize my I(s).
    Thank you so much for reminding me of this as I likely wouldn't have noticed otherwise. :)
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  16. DadsSideHoe

    DadsSideHoe Senior Moderator Staff Member Sr. Moderator

    Good luck man <3
  17. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

    Thank you so much!
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  18. Slipest

    Slipest Well-Known Member

    I would like to see you sticking to your schedule, afking doesn't count as staff aren't allowed to afk.
  19. Zenofain

    Zenofain Member

    Best of luck M8 be more active though!
  20. 0g8

    0g8 New Member

    I’ll keep that in mind, thank you <3
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