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    1. Bjben

      I would like to be a part of your team

      Please reply to the feedback.
    2. Bjben

      Staff Application

    3. Bjben

      Appeal Staff Rank -BAck

      Hello Deadkill. I will talk with 4th about this.
    4. Bjben

      APPEALS Unban Discord

    5. Bjben

      APPEALS Unban Discord

      Hello Deadkill. As i am getting annoyed, I am going to Unban you. With this, You need to stop Pinging all staff for little issues that we dont have anything to do with, Unless it is a major issue that we can help with. not something like misplacing a bedrock and asking us to remove it. You...
    6. Bjben

      nibiur0 using hacked client recorded

      Been i while since ive see someone hack that bad on breach.
    7. Bjben

      Closed Banned from webstore

      Hello, Jmack97. I understand this may be very inconvinient on your part, if you would mind showing us a picture and/or a video of what actually happens when you try connect to the Webstore. It would also be quite helpful if you can think on any reason you may be "Banned" from the Webstore...
    8. Bjben

      Wrong warning

      Hi, Fredrick! I am going to help you out and just remove all your warns.
    9. Bjben

      My kid bought something from you

      Hello! I understand that this issue can cause some suspicion through your point of view. I can assure you we will look into what has happened, but for this to happen we need your kids IGN (In game name) and what they purchased through the server. I will notifly the Owner of this server about...
    10. Bjben

      Server has been going well, we know there are some issues that need to be dealt with such as...

      Server has been going well, we know there are some issues that need to be dealt with such as Outpost and the faction pluign. We are doing our best to sort it all out! Thanks! -Ben
    11. Bjben


      Welcome back lad!
    12. Bjben

      Staff app

      Hey Frederik! Good Application but there is a whole lot more you could add to make it 100% stuff like Bolding the questions and putting the answers under the question. A whole lot more detail is needed over the enitre Application. You can have a look at other peoples staff applications to get...
    13. Bjben

      Closed SexualDesire spawn kill & 6 block reach

      Im honestly disapointed at this point. Thanks for the report Kiusta I'll see to it that somthing is done about this issue.
    14. Bjben

      Default's application

      Hey Default! Your application is very good, one of the best I personally have seen lately. Good detail, alomost 0 gramma mistakes, easy to read. I can't find anything to help your application out as it holds all of the good things that are needed. You're a highly good player as I have seen so...
    15. Bjben

      GetRektByAdmin's Staff Application

      Good Application, but there are some things you could fix/add to on it. I would advise you seperate your questions and answeres so it isnt all bunched together. It would also be helpful to you if you went over the application, fix some grammar, add more stuff as we like lots of detail, you can...
    16. Bjben

      Closed BAnned

      ACCEPTED You will be unbanned, or ban will be lowerd.
    17. Bjben

      Closed BAnned

      just screen shot the part that says you bought it.
    18. Bjben

      Closed BAnned

      You just changed your story again. this time you were talking to your factions members? and not rocket? also i highly doubtrocket out of all staff would say its alowed. Can youplease post a picture of the email and a picture of rocket saying yes.
    19. Bjben

      Closed BAnned

      Hello Spicy. You do understand that saying you're hacking can get you banned. Also as it seems you did not buy /fly and you were flying infront of rocket. And what you said above doesnt tell us what rocket said.
    20. Bjben


      Hey! My name is Ben and im the one of the Admins of BreachPvP. If you Have any questions to can ask me on the forums, Discord and server. DIscord: Bjben#1266 Ign: Bjben Thanks!