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    1. Weyo

      Accepted InfernoBlock's Dev application

      Welcome to the team Accepted
    2. Weyo

      Littlehersh Staff Application

      roses are red violets are blue. I think I just accepted you. Welcome to the staff team
    3. Weyo


      If you refuse to take this seriously then I will instant deny and you then you will be blacklisted from, support. and you will be blacklisted from the server
    4. Weyo

      Accepted DonKAY app or something

      Congratz you have been accepted & given 1 week to proof Yourself. Welcome to the team
    5. Weyo

      Official Factions Yellow map 4

      Factions Yellow Map 4 Announcement Saturday, February 8th, 9 PM (CET) The map will close on Saturday, March 14, 9 PM CET (5-week map) Map info...
    6. Weyo

      Skyblock Skyblock Map 1 Announcement

      Skyblock Green Map 3 Announcement Saturday, February 1st, 9 PM (CET) The map will close on Saturday, March 7, 9 PM CET (5 week map) Skyblock Top This map will be having...
    7. Weyo

      Accepted BlaireWolf721

      Dear. Meghan, BlaireWolf, Avoidlove Your application isn't that standing out due . the lack of text and info if you can add like 3+ sentences more to each question that would improve your application by a lot . on the other side I have worked with you in the past I have seen great potential and...
    8. Weyo

      Accepted DonKAY app or something

      Dear. Donkey the Reason why Cant have higher then Helper is not only because you abused it because we made a new rule about not accepting og staff back and sometimes we do but we don't make exceptions anymore. if you show that you can handle helper and being staff again then you can be...
    9. Weyo


      420 / Vape / Lyfe / Thegunterminator Sevn072 Updatewindows clx_ Lezepti Preenix Yngi P0wer0wner in his noob days Factions red <3
    10. Weyo

      Official Official . Map 3 rules

      Last updated: January 15th 2020 Copyright BreachPvP Ā© 2016-2019 Rules are subject to change at any time. REMINDER: All reports should have proof and should be reported within a 2 weeks time of when they were collected. Videos for hackers, full-screen unedited screenshots for warns/mutes. If a...
    11. Weyo

      Closed Yrag's rank

      Hello yrag i have searched the entire data base and saw that you still have your rank! name: Yrag b1168a1a-aa6d-474e-968d-d211f4db4731: group: - legend Closed!
    12. Weyo

      Denied Fastflint staff applications

      Hello Fastflint. I Saw you''re application and I think its good. but I suggest if you want to have a stronger chance to have more then 2/3 sentences to your answer but I also saw that you have dyslexia and if it's hard to make more then 2/3 sentences then just keep it like this Greetings weyo!
    13. Weyo

      Accepted Unban request

      What is your in-game, forums or Discord name? Lukas Kray#0420 What is the in-game, forums or Discord name of the staff member(s) who issued the punishment(s)? Bjben Do you agree you did something wrong in this situation? no. it was a joke For how long are you banned? perm Why do you feel like...
    14. Weyo

      Accepted BAnned

    15. Weyo

      Accepted ItzKamilo's Punishment Appeal.

      What your not saying is that it actually where 2 accounts . If you wanna cconfirm that this is your Brother aswell we Will do some steps tommorow message me on discord for details weyo#001
    16. Weyo

      Accepted Default's application

      Good guy . Choose the server above his faction and likes to help me with people. But if i was you i should add a bit more detail and fix the suggestions up here but you have a solid +1 from me <3
    17. Weyo

      Denied Cjxey's Staff Application.

      Im linking the application very much. And i know that your active and like to help you get a fat. +! From mešŸ˜‡ but try to are those suggestions above my comment. To make it even more better
    18. Weyo

      Accepted Staff Application

      Welcome <3
    19. Weyo

      Accepted Slipest's Application

      Welcome <3