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    1. xd_Azures

      I'm sorry

      Lol, thanks, man.
    2. xd_Azures

      Application as a Helper.

      If you are still struggling to get some "strength" or detail into those sentences please if you want pm me on discord. I can help with whatever you need.
    3. xd_Azures

      [Solved] Donated and didnt get everything

      Hello Xyss! If you have not done so already please make a ticket on the discord because staff are more active and will respond much faster there. If you have I hope you have got the items you deserve. Have a good day, -Aidan.
    4. xd_Azures

      Application as a Helper.

      Good evening Menendez, The application you made is very neat and nice looking but there are some issues within it. There are some small grammar and capitalization errors, I would recommend checking for them using Grammarly or a website. What I would recommend most is more detail overall like...
    5. xd_Azures

      Application as a Helper

      Hello @Menendez2 Please delete this helper application because you already have another one up.
    6. xd_Azures

      Hey Its Jay!

      Hello Yixzy! Nice to meet you and welcome to BreachPvP!
    7. xd_Azures

      Accepted xd_Azures Staff Application

      In-Game username: xd_Azures DiscordTag (ex. Name#1234): xd_Azures | Hot#2573 First name (optional): Aidan Current age: 16 Timezone: EST When are you most active? How many hours can you provide to BreachPvP in a week? I am most active during the weekend of course so Saturday and Sunday. In a...
    8. xd_Azures

      Denied optings Staff App (Ex Manager)

      Hello opting! Glad to see you are reapplying for the BreachPvP Staff Team! My main recommendation for your staff app would be more detail, other than that there are just some small spelling errors and capitalization mistakes.
    9. xd_Azures

      I'm sorry

      Dear Staff Team, I apologize Weyo, Luuk, and the rest of the staff team. I made a huge mistake for saying the things I said and I most definitely should not have said them. It was very irrational and immature of me to act the way I have been the past few weeks as well. I would like to start...
    10. xd_Azures


      Welcome to Breach! Have fun playing and enjoy the server! :) -Sincerely Rocket.
    11. xd_Azures

      iPhone or Samsung or Android?

    12. xd_Azures


      I apologize for taking things to far between the staff team and me. I would like an unban on discord and am very sorry for being disrespectful and would like another chance.
    13. xd_Azures

      Accepted ImPuppyHD's Official Staff application.

      Hello Puppy, Good application but still lots more you can do! You could still use more detail on some questions Hello Puppy! I like your application but it still lacks some light things. It lacks some detail and would look much nicer and easier to read if you used something other than white...
    14. xd_Azures

      Skyblock Skyblock Map 1 Announcement

      Lets go! Good luck guys!
    15. xd_Azures

      Official Factions Yellow map 4

    16. xd_Azures

      iPhone or Samsung or Android?

      Hmmm, iphone better tho ^
    17. xd_Azures


      I am sorry to hear that. Could you please pm me with information and I will try my hardest to work things out with the main owner.
    18. xd_Azures


      Hello M, I would like to know what your ign is and who banned you and why they did it. Please try to be more welcoming and nicer about the situation and things may come along easier.